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About Infoactiv

Infoactiv is the leading independent specialist provider of supply chain and sustainability solutions in Asia Pacific, delivering value-added solutions to OEMs, brands, retailers, corporations, institutions and government agencies.

Our approach is driven by customer need and providing support and flexibility to better manage internal and external management challenges, particularly in the ‘post-sale’ or ‘post-consumer’ supply chain arena. We design and implement supply chain models and business processes that break the traditional industry approach and that deliver the best net result for the customer across the cost / service / recovery and carbon outcomes.

The Infoactiv team draws on significant knowledge and expertise across multiple supply chain and sustainability disciplines and focuses its efforts on applying ‘real-time’ procurement and management practices, driving efficiencies and leveraging its unique technology platform to drive innovation with customers.

Established in Australia in 1999 by Helen Jarman, Entrepreneur and Telstra Businesswoman’s Award recipient, Infoactiv partners with customers as a trusted and independent provider of end-to-end managed supply chain services and product recovery programs across the region.

Infoactiv works with a diverse range of customers and sectors on various supply chain and sustainability initiatives. These include programs such as product warranty and service, asset management, product recovery and product stewardship programs, product life-cycle management and disposition, CSR and environmental programs, vendor management and all reverse logistics requirements, ‘gate to grave’.