After-Sale Product Support & Service

Product Support

The customer experience of a first time purchase of product is critical, as is the first thirty days from that purchase. Our service team have the skills and experience to help customers with phone and online support and tips on their purchase. This includes furnishing customers with appropriate product information , initial troubleshooting and advice, together with information regarding future warranty needs through the same phone and online experience.

All contact with customers is valuable, and we seek feedback, conduct surveys and provide insights to our customer on their product in a post-sale environment that can help inform continuous improvement of their product design and service offerings.

Warranty Services & Repair

Infoactiv provides warranty and service support and initial product triage support. This greatly improves the customer experience, and dramatically reduces workload at service repair centres . Our tracked case creation and logistics services ensures that the location of the repair /return item is known and its job status can be made visible to either any party in real time. The services we provide enable a superior customer experience in terms of rapid issue resolution, status and tracking of product through multiple parties. We utilise our online portals and technology top manage and guide the process for ongoing measurement and reporting.

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