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Infoactiv works across industries, sectors and regions

We deliver managed supply chain and product recovery solutions to customers across a diverse range of industries and sectors. This includes the ICT and consumer electronics industries, automotive, manufacturing and retail.

Our solutions apply equally to any industry that is seeking to gain efficiencies and improve the performance of their supply chain ‘post sale’.

In particular, Infoactiv offers significant experience and knowledge of the ICT supply chain arena, providing cutting edge technology and diverse supply chain management programs to several ICT companies and multinationals. We offer these companies a unique model for end-to-end supply chain management, from Multi-Party Logistics (MPL), 3PL services and product life-cycle management, through to asset tracking control and product stewardship scheme management.

Infoactiv’s customers can expect only the best in real-time information and tracking, complete asset and process control, service selection, contingency planning, optimisation and access to ‘best in class’ services. Infoactiv has redefined the model for the ICT sector, with real time supply chain procurement and management of the supply chain pipeline critical path.

In the automotive sector, Infoactiv’s unique LOGINET technology is being used to transform the industry by creating online global requisition systems, automated procurement and approval processes, greater visibility, substantial cost control and audit compliance. These solutions deliver cost reductions, increased profitability and powerful reporting mechanisms that give Infoactiv’s automotive clients an instant return on their investment.

In other sectors, Infoactiv delivers solutions to enhance the performance of retailers’ supply chains. We assist clients with developing customer centric metrics – including costs to serve – together with streamlined operations for on time performance, reverse logistics management and centralised administration and reporting.

Of particular relevance, Infoactiv’s LOGINET technology suite underpins the managed programs for retail customers which is essential in this industry, particularly as companies require closely monitored transportation movements, advance shipping notifications, slot delivery schedules and time critical deliveries.

Infoactiv’s unique Exception Manager System capability is able to set key critical milestones, which the system continually monitors. The system is also supported by trained logistics helpdesk staff, who can execute proactive measures to ensure that deliveries consistently meet the delivery milestones across the critical path.
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