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Online process efficiencies and digital innovation

Infoactiv’s technology suite incorporates several integrated online tools and portals, which, backed by Infoactiv’s LOGINET technology, provides the customer with the visibility and automation needed to proactively plan, source, schedule, produce, store, transport and trace supply chain activities.

LOGINET technology is unique to Infoactiv in that it covers the entire supply chain function, ‘post sale’. It underpins all our managed programs for customers and enables the Infoactiv team to deliver efficiencies across the customer’s supply chain pipeline, right through to product end of life.

Infoactiv has developed its own unique technology suite – LOGINET – which is linked with our partner and supplier network and reporting systems as part of our Managed Supply Chain and Sustainability Solutions for customers.

The LOGINET system is the software  that underpins our diverse key offerings and suite of managed services in the market.

LOGINET provides the visibility and automation required to proactively plan, source, schedule, produce, store, transport, track and manage supply chain activities ‘post sale’.

Infoactiv’s LOGINET systems have been custom designed to allow ultimate flexibility and supply chain visibility. The system features a ‘plug and play’ environment for data management and reporting and a helpdesk case management system to manage and control the movement of assets, in accordance with the customer’s needs.

The LOGINET system is comprehensive and actively manages all Infoactiv’s processes, workflows, KPIs and data management requirements across Infoactiv’s customer programs, in order to measure and manage ‘critical path’.

Unique Capabilites
  • Provides visibility and management of the end to end supply chain pipeline activity, from ‘post sale’ customer use through to product end of life (‘gate to grave’).
  • Manages the customers’ product and asset tracking requirements as it moves through the supply chain by utilising its multi-modal supplier links and extensive data management capability.
  • Offers Real Time Exception Management across multiple milestones and touch points – end to end.
  • Provides the customer with online portal access utilising the LOGINET system to control and manage supply chain activities.
  • Offers the flexibility to select BEST cost / service / carbon result, as appropriate to customer / product / volume and service required (cost, process and service controls).
  • Includes call centre / Helpdesk Case Management System for all customer liaison, scheduling, tracking and query management.
  • Offers one centralised Management and Reporting System for analysis and ongoing improvement.
  • LOGINET enables effective management, control and measurement of key supply chain activities and costs. At the same time, it allows you to focus on what you do best – managing your core business.

Achieve greater control over multiple suppliers, data, processes and reporting systems, to ensure optimisation of supply-chain pipeline efficiencies – use LOGINET.


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