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Vendor Management

Infoactiv specialises in offering Vendor Management, Contract Performance and Real Time Procurement services

OEMs and brands are excellent at product design, innovation and the manufacture and distribution of those products in the market, for consumer use.

However, the post sale supply chain management requirements and activities become more complex for brands to manage, particularly across a multitude of global, international and domestic vendors, partners and agents.

The Infoactiv team uses its unique LOGINET technology to track, monitor and manage all sub vendor and agent activity across the critical path.

Our LOGINET technology has been custom built to manage post sale processes and vendors, with significant automation, validation checks and balances in place in order to protect customer KPIs and overall business risk.

Infoactiv currently manages multiple collection channels and engages multiple services and sub-vendors – as required – to fulfil its program requirements, according to defined business rules and mandates from our customers. This is what we call our Multi Vendor Multi Channel Model.

Infoactiv manages the varying nature and complexity of tasks and activities of its downstream agents according to their core capability. What’s more, we invoke a real time procurement methodology so that process and cost efficiencies are realised in the day to day operational management of the program and that any risks are minimised. This is all achieved in line with our BEST cost / service/ carbon outcome for the customer.


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