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Who We Are

At Infoactiv, we make complexity simple.

We understand that at times customers are faced with the need to scale, expand the business, drive efficiencies and cost reduction and develop new innovative solutions in the market, but often with bandwidth, technology and expertise gaps that appear across the supply chain and sustainability spectrum.

That’s where we step in, and can provide significant expertise and end to end service capability, from pre-sale activity through the product lifecycle, to end of life requirements and resource recovery. We design and adapt real-time solutions that fit your needs.

Managing multiple data sources, vendors, processes, stakeholder needs, product and service needs, becomes more difficult as you take product to market and through its post-sale lifecycle, including addressing the underlying compliance, audit, risk and other regulatory activity.

Our goal is to realise the potential of your business, take care of the operational and management needs of the business across the areas of the product lifecycle that are core to us, and ensure that customers are free to focus on their core capabilities and what they do best.

With design and management expertise across supply chain, logistics, product stewardship, product lifecycle management and recovery, sustainability and digital technology, we form part of your team to deliver on your objectives and targets in the business. In managing solutions, we then provide insights back into the organisation on how to better serve customers, design sustainable products and services and enhance NPS and advocacy.


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Key Facts


24,017 tonnes e-waste recycled through our product stewardship efforts

Other Waste

5 tonnes household problem waste recycled

Events & Campaigns

236 consumer events run, 280850 households surveyed with 1728 media and advertising pieces


Australia, India & Philippines


US $153M inventory under management


Servicing 84 countries across Asia Pacific & EMEA

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