Who We Are

We make complexity simple.

Infoactiv is a little bit different and unique, both in terms of our expertise across supply chain and sustainability, but also in how we partner with our customers to design and deliver programs and solutions to solve complex problems.

We sit on the same side of the table as our customer, understanding their needs, analysing the options and methods available in market, to formulate, execute and manage solutions to  help them reduce cost, realise efficiencies, provide visibility, scale and enhance the customer experience across the supply chain in a viable, effective and sustainable way.

We are a growing independent Solutions Provider in Supply Chain and Sustainability services, providing services to OEMs, brands, corporates, government and associations, managing operations in 84 countries, primarily across Asia Pacific and EMEA.

Working Together

Partnership with Customers  

We partner with our customers as an extension of their team, representing their needs, values and strategic objectives in designing and implementing supply chain and sustainability solutions that are customer-centric, responsive, innovative and flexible and meet the changing needs of the market. We provide the bandwidth, resources, expertise and technology to enable customers to access best in market capabilities in a way that delivers real-time financial, brand and environmental outcomes across the business.

We keep things simple by taking the complexity out of managing all or parts of your supply chain environment, with particular focus on post-sale services and product recovery solutions.

This gives you time and freedom to maximise your potential and focus on your core business.

Independent Management & Expertise

Infoactiv operates as an independent solutions provider in Supply Chain and Sustainability. We provide access to best in market services, with a turn-key end to end managed solution for our customers that is neutral and ‘agnostic’ on the selection and use of suppliers, partners and downstream agents.

Whether it’s one area, or managing the whole environment, our expertise fills the gaps.

Our award-winning team has a diverse skill set and significant knowledge and experience across a wide range of areas including:

  • Supply chain design and management

  • Business process design and continuous improvement

  • Reverse logistics and Product recovery

  • Operational management

  • Product stewardship and eco-innovation

  • Recycling and compliance including OHSE

  • Marketing and communications (including stakeholder engagement and channel management)

  • Technology design, software development and e-commerce

Managing multiple parts of the Supply Chain

Infoactiv’s relationship with the customer is one of a trusted partnership built through confidence in our methods and ongoing collaboration and innovation.

Our customers can centralise the management of multiple and diverse network of channels, partners and agents, business processes, operations, vendors and programs through Infoactiv.

This results in the design and management of better supply chain processes that deliver best cost, improved service levels and a consistent and continuous customer experience.

We manage all areas of the product lifecycle across multiple channels and downstream providers to protect brand risk, drive customer and product advocacy and financial returns, with a strong connection to environmental stewardship and brand leadership.

Technology & Online Solutions

Infoactiv is a managed services and technology house. Often referred to as the ‘Uber’ of supply chain and sustainability, we deliver our services through the use of unique and innovative technology and IT solutions that enhance the customer experience and provide consistency across many diverse business activities, products and geographies.

Customer can access information easily though our technology platform that manages the complexity, data, workflows and business processes required to deliver on targets and objectives agreed with customer. This also provides the necessary reporting and data analysis needed for internal stakeholder communication and managing organisation’s audit and compliance obligations.

Access a range of online and e-commerce platforms together with bespoke portals, databases and software solutions for various supply chain challenges and business requirements you may be faced with.

Our Business Model and Platform

Our business model is unique, in that we work with your existing suppliers and partners, or you access our network. Either way, we act as your centralised management house focused on your business objectives and targets, across the product lifecycle, from pre-sale to end of product life and compliance.

This is delivered through use of clever digital technology coupled with our managed services tailored to manage operations across multiple geographies and business lines. We are flexible, adaptable, agile in our approach and development.

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