Call Centre / Helpdesk Services

Infoactiv offers its Call Centre and Helpdesk Operations to customers as part of a centralised service and support capability across all types of managed programs.

Our Call Centre and Helpdesk team has the supply chain and product lifecycle expertise to proactively manage programs for customers on a day to day basis – in line with the customer’s business needs and goals.

The team liaises with customers, consumers, suppliers, agents and all stakeholders relevant to the type of managed service solution that we jointly design and develop, as per your needs and requirements.

The team’s focus is on delivering efficiencies, making important product and service decisions that deliver the best cost, service and recovery outcome for the client. With our customer’s objectives and business rules in mind, we assess the status of all products and determine the best downstream option, managing all aspects of the service delivery.

Activities include:

  • Operational roll-out of the program and ongoing liaison

  • Ensuring ongoing process and cost control, compliance, adherence to safety and environment standards – across all parties and all programs under its management

  • Scheduling, liaison and query management

  • Case management: end to end tracking of all materials movements, shipment, tracking, billing, weights and all reporting

  • Operational support and management, escalation and corrective action

  • Continual improvement on the operational enhancements for the Program

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