City of Sydney Recycles with Infoactiv

Infoactiv’s innovative recycling platform – EcoActiv – takes on the streets of Sydney.

The EcoActiv project will provide the City of Sydney with an advanced technology platform for the management and disposal of assets, goods, and items. It will be a fundamental solution that will lay the pathway towards the 2030 zero waste strategy and action plan. The technology will help Sydney remain globally competitive in recycling and reuse measurements, a key factor in environmental management.

It will also prepare Sydney for a zero-waste future and expose it as a leading global player in circular economy principles. Further, it will provide greater access to recycling services that are easy to use and offer better value for money. The cost of recycling will be shared with other strategic partners in the EcoActiv environment.

The EcoActiv Platform will:

  • Educate residents, visitors, and business community to reduce, reuse and recycle waste include waste targets in future procurement contracts
  • Procure waste and recycling solutions that deliver the targets and demonstrate value for money
  • Improve the way the City manages waste within its organisation
  • Provide information and evidence to state and federal government for future development of waste treatment facilities.
  • Coordinate partners to find solutions to common issues within a single coordinated environment
  • Monitor and report progress against the targets

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