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Managing manufactured goods from cradle to grave is now a major imperative across product categories, distribution channels and waste streams. Effectively managing end-of-life products and associated operations demands a smarter approach with a focus on waste avoidance, resource recovery and life cycle thinking.

Infoactiv’s environmentally oriented services are managed through our ECOACTIV brand, which assists in the communication, physical drop locations, site signage and the marketing of our product stewardship programs for consumer and community engagement.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or business user, an ECOACTIV service will be custom-designed for the recovery, reuse and recycling of your products and waste.

What we currently recycle

  • Lead Acid Batteries & Handheld Batteries

  • Gas bottles, Fluorescent tubes

  • Packaging waste including cardboard, polystyrene

  • Shop fittings and fixtures, timber, concrete, paints

  • Apparel

  • Major appliances e.g. refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Consumer electronics e.g. TVs, audio, Hifi, cameras, MP3 players

  • LCD / FLAT / CRT Monitors

  • Business Imaging equipments, printers & consumables

  • Laptops / PC / Desktop / Tower Servers / Cabinet Servers

  • Phones e.g. desk landlines, mobile & accessories, two-way radios, pagers

  • Miscellaneous IT accessories e.g. mice, cables, webcams, storage media

Events & Campaigns

Looking to run a campaign or an event that is linked to environment and suitability?

Infoactiv are the experts in small, medium and large scale retail, community and online campaigns for your takeback, trade-in and recycling programs. We can help you design an effective and compelling offer in market, supported by our supply chain, marketing, IT and sustainability team in the end to end delivery of events and campaigns.

Some examples of events we have design and managed:

  • Staff engagement events, clean up days and education pieces around environmental recycling

  • Takeback, trade-in and trade-up campaigns based on old for new – sales and marketing campaigns with an environmental benefit

  • Large scale public events for ewaste collection, recycling and customer surveys

Modular Recycling Stations

Need to clean up facilities and have an efficient system for disposal of problem waste?

These modular recycling stations can be customised to suit your needs, and are an attractive, secure method for promotion, collection and recycling of many types of product and waste such as mobile phones, batteries, tubes, lights and other small items of ewaste – its your choice.

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Drop Off Points & Sites

Infoactiv has a network of collection channels and sites that the community can access to dispose of unwanted or end of life product and waste.

Please contact us to find a service near you.

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