Environmental & Sustainability Solutions

We help organisations recover products and resources, build stewardship and sustainability programs and fulfil their circular economy objectives.

Our Services

  • Design and launch trade in and take back programs
  • Design and run environmentally-led campaigns that deliver brand advocacy, revenue growth, customer loyalty and improved reputation
  • Embed sustainable practices in the supply chain and across customer operations
  • Design, launch and manage product stewardship programs
  • Design and enable circular economy within the organisation
  • Provide reuse, recycling and waste management services
  • Collect and recycle products and resources in a safe and cost-effective manner
  • Downstream tracking, audit, reporting and compliance management
  • Design, implement and manage Regulated and Voluntary Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO)
  • Collect and analyse data to inform policy, product and service design and opportunities to improve business processes

Apple’s Renown Stewardship Program

Apple is one of the world’s largest technology companies that develops and sells consumer electronics and computer software. Apple set targets on the volume of e-waste they wish to collect and recycle every year and engages Infoactiv as their environments partner to assist with the execution.

Infoactiv assisted in the design, activation and management of Apple’s stewardship program and collected Apple products and e-waste locally and globally. In addition, Infoactiv coordinated with local councils, retailers, government departments and schools to run public events and take-back programs.

Over 500 tonnes of e-waste is collected every year under this initiative.

Recycle your e-waste using the EcoActiv Platform

Ecoactiv is a full-service recycling application for all item types. It resolves actual recycling options for groups of products or single items. Users can book the disposition and recycling of their items through the platform for any location in Australia.


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