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We understand that customers IT resources are not limitless, and the ability to access solutions quickly and cost effectively is where we inject some much needed assistance and bandwidth.  Whether its accessing our capability in a ‘plug and play’ environment or accessing our team for bespoke software systems, databases and application development, we are here to help and have the skills, resources and knowledge to get you to market faster or elevate the business.

Infoactiv has its own unique cloud technology platforms that can support and complement your existing system and business processes, to drive improvements in your supply chain and in the market. This IT enablement underpins our supply chain and sustainability program and solutions for customers, to achieve the net return for the customer.

As we manage our customers’ product throughout its lifecycle, our technology provides the visibility and capability to make real-time decisions on the best downstream outcomes across multiple suppliers, and initiate flexible workflows and processes accordingly. Our systems are comprehensive and actively manage all Infoactiv’s processes, workflows, KPIs and data management requirements across our customer programs, in order to measure and manage ‘critical path’.

Through clever API’s or accessed via a link to your website or mobile application that your stakeholders and customers can access, we can work with you to automate, source, improve, track, benchmark and execute on day to day activities across your internal and external channels, partners, suppliers and customers.

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