Project Description

Campaigns & Events

  • Designing and managing end to end sales, marketing and customer/staff engagement Campaigns and Events with a connection to their sustainability and environment strategies 

  • Helping our customers lead the way

In the campaigns and events that we design for customers, combining the primary objective of generating sales and engaging customers with their sustainability and leadership objectives, means the value and benefits are both clear and compelling.

Here are some examples of the types of events and campaigns, where Infoactiv has provided a complete end to end solution, from design and promotion through to operational execution and management of the entire event/campaign:

  • Targeted trade-in and trade-up campaigns for consumers, education, enterprise and Government that take back old, unwanted or redundant devices for secure recycling, in exchange for a new product or service

  • Staff engagement and educational programs for reuse, remarketing and recycling of product through the product lifecycle

  • Targeted, medium and large scale events for collection of electronic waste from households and SME’s as part of our customers’ global commitment to environment

  • Community initiatives with local councils that provide a valuable service for recycling of problem wastes


  • Be as hands on or off as you wish – At all Events, Marketing and Operations team with significant experience and track record, to design, advise and execute

  • Comprehensive services, in line with your policies and requirements


  • 1728 Media Campaigns run

  • 236 consumer events conducted

  • 280,850 participants surveyed

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