Project Description

Product Stewardship in Action

  • Enhancing and protecting our customers brand

  • Promoting responsible prosperity

  • Meeting Regulatory and Compliance obligations (PRO, EPR & IPR)

We have partnered with some of the world’s most respected brands to develop programs that deliver on their sustainability strategies and product stewardship objectives and obligations.

We have worked closely our customers to design solutions that become embedded in their supply chain processes, and go beyond compliance to deliver value across the entire business as well as the broader community.

Infoactiv manages Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) programs for brands active in the Product Stewardship arena as well as assisting companies that are new to product stewardship. Wherever our customers are on the product stewardship path, they are able to leverage our experience, expertise and digital solutions with a clear roadmap that incorporates programs that are commercially relevant, viable and sustainable.

 Infoactiv has been lucky enough to walk the path from ‘Policy through to Execution’ in its Product Stewardship history. We have worked with and alongside customers, stakeholders and Government through the process of policy formation and the implementation of practical and effective environmental regulation across product categories and geographies.

Pre or post-regulation, we have then performed the design, financial modelling, marketing and on-ground rollout of stewardship programs under both Voluntary and Co-Regulatory schemes.

 These Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes are managed by Infoactiv to address governance, compliance, cost and environmental targets whilst protecting brand risk and accessing best in market solutions that deliver value to all parties.


  • Product Stewardship programs that are commercially relevant and viable, and enhance brand and product advocacy

  • Best market cost, recovery and compliance outcomes

  • Choice of market: don’t lock in with one recycler or one agent for remarketing in order to centralise knowledge and smarts

  • Integrate with your supply chain processes

  • Meet regulatory and reporting obligations


  • 33 Product Stewardship programs run across multiple channels

  • 24,017 Tonnes E-Waste collected and recycled

  • 2,080 kgs Household problem waste recovered and recycled

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