Product Stewardship

Producer Responsibility – IPR, EPR & Scheme Management 

Government policy and legislation is becoming more complex and onerous for business as it confronts a growing number of environmental challenges. At the same time regulations can provide a catalyst for innovation in reverse logistics, reuse and recycling.

Compliance knowledge across industries, regions and jurisdictions is a key ingredient of our services, and our team is perfectly placed to help your business navigate diverse regulatory requirements.

We understand the business impacts of regulation, and have the expertise and practical experience to design commercially responsible compliance solutions that meet all relevant regulations, standards and codes of practice, but also delivery bottom-line value to the organisation.

Infoactiv’s involvement with governments, the waste management industry and brands is extensive.

Our solutions include:

  • Design, development and implementation of industry wide voluntary, co-regulatory and mandatory product stewardship schemes

  • IPR and EPR program design and ongoing operational management

  • Takeback events and campaigns for several organisations and associations active in the Product Stewardship arena

  • Extensive network for safe and cost-effective collection, delivery and recycling of product and waste

  • Extensive downstream tracking, reporting and compliance management activity

  • Digital and online portals and tools, including mobile applications to support our program delivery

Environmental Sustainability

Services and systems that contribute to environmental sustainability, improving business performance, revenue growth, cost reductions, stakeholder engagement, brand perceptions and corporate social responsibility across every business activity.

Our specialisation is the after-sale environment to enhance customer service, brand advocacy and strategic objectives. Solutions incorporate proprietary technologies that streamline operational management, sustainability, tracking, reporting and the customer experience, always enhancing a brand’s values.

Infoactiv adopts a holistic approach to solving supply chain and sustainability problems.

SolutionsCase Study Examples
Digital design and enablement across the entire post-sale supply chain together with the end-to- end management of product and waste; across all use, reuse, repair, remarketing, donation, loan, swap, share, recycling and management of personal and business assets through the entire lifecycle.

Infoactiv has worked closely with a number of clients
including 360Fly, IBM Cisco and Nikon.
Design, marketing, implementation and operational execution and management of EPR/PRO, IPR and other product stewardship initiatives and programs.Infoactiv is working closely with Paintback Ltd, spearheading customer service, event logistics and on the ground collection initiatives. For individual brand product stewardship, we partner with environmentally focused organisations such as Apple, Walt Disney, Wipro and Cisco.
Development of Environmental policies and roadmaps with companies, government and collective groups.Infoactiv has worked closely with ELCITA India, developing and driving a collaborative program for e-waste collection for the next five years.

We partner with our clients and their stakeholders, ensuring considered brand management and creating opportunities to reinforce their commitment to sound environmental practices and to a value set that underscores their brand values to customers, partners and the planet.

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