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Often corporates, agencies and institutions have common issues when managing bills from suppliers

  • Duplicate charges

  • Over charges and data discrepancies

  • Incorrect rates applied

  • Additional fees and service changes

  • Service not requested

  • Audit compliance gaps

  • Exchange rate errors

Infoactiv can help you save on supplier bills.

Despite current day ERP systems and finance processes, companies are still paying more than they should, and the supplier invoice management process remains a management challenge.

Current systems and procedures in business do not always capture the error rate and discrepancies that occur within billing. Infoactiv provides a service that ensures you are paying your suppliers the right fees and validating or flagging what it should be.  It’s like providing a second pair of eyes and ensuring your bottom line is correct. We don’t do this often enough in business because we don’t have the time.

Our experience shows the devil is in the detail of an invoice and the processes used to engage suppliers.

You can now ensure that you have appropriate audit trails across the company to accurately detect and recover significant funds.

If you are using multiple service providers, contractors, shipping agents and international premium services, it is likely there are unlocked direct savings right across your company.

The Benefits of our Solution

  • Direct cost savings through credit management process

  • Reduce internal administrative resources and costs

  • Focus on core business armed with information to better manage operations

  • Automation and Online Portals with dashboards, KPIs and custom reports

  • Enhance visibility, reporting and benchmarking

  • Specialist team at Infoactiv managing this function for you


Infoactiv provides consulting services around product disposition , Product lifecycle , asset and logistics management , compliance and best practice business improvement and outsourcing.

We have experts in the field of IT solutioning , business process improvement , product stewardship and end of life product management available to assist your business in achieving its financial , compliance and sustainability goals.

We can help step companies through the formation of a policy and process, through to a clear action plan and roadmap that allows them to achieve their supply chain and sustainability goals. We have run many workshops, ideation session and stakeholder briefings, taking key concepts and ideas forward to formulate and agree a plan of action, addressing needs of all stakeholders. We conduct on site reviews, diagnostics and health check processes to help flush out areas where improvements and efficiencies are required.

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