We are a solutions provider in supply chain and sustainability services.

We keep things simple by taking the complexity out of managing all or parts of your supply chain environment, from product fulfilment through to a complete end to end post sale solution.

Whether it’s one area, or managing the whole environment, our expertise fills the gaps.  We link all the relevant components of your business together, ensuring compliance and efficiencies are achieved in a timely and affordable way. This gives you and the business, time and freedom to focus on your core activity and maximise your potential in the market.

Many customers experience supply chain inefficiencies caused by working with multiple suppliers to bring product to market or to manage the associated after-sales activity throughout the product lifecycle.  Add to this, the task of dealing with audit and compliance, environmental regulation and the ever present imperative to differentiate from competitors and enhance the customer experience.

At Infoactiv, we can address these challenges and more, through some of the following approaches:

  • Clever supply chain and process design, mapping and continuous improvement methodologies

  • Providing much needed resources, expertise and bandwidth to your team across your supply chain

  • Use of technology enabled platforms and portals for end to end data integration, management and visibility

  • Ideation sessions, workshops and professional services that enhance customer and product advocacy

  • Engaging with and managing the specific needs of your internal stakeholders and external partners and customers

  • Ongoing analysis, benchmarking and modelling

  • Selection, procurement and management of an approved pool of service partners and agents for:

    • Channels

    • 3PL warehousing and Logistics

    • Repair and Refurbishment

    • Resale and Reuse

    • Recycling and Asset Disposition

    • Waste Management

    • Compliance needs

Key Offerings

Our Range of Solutions


Infoactiv manages end to end 3PL warehousing, logistics and transportation activity for our customers in order to drive the best cost, service and recovery outcomes, through real-time procurement and engagement methodologies.


Infoactiv offers its Call Centre and Helpdesk Operations to customers as part of a centralised service and support capability across all types of managed programs.


The customer experience of a first time purchase of product is critical, as is the first thirty days from that purchase. Our service team have the skills and experience to help customers with phone and online support and tips on their purchase.


Infoactiv manages customers’ fleet of assets across multiple product categories, from point of purchase or lease through to end of first life, and subsequent asset disposition when those assets are due to refresh.


Infoactiv can enhance your solutions offer to your customers and increase your bottom-line by providing an end-to-end Product Recovery Solution for all unwanted or redundant assets.


Government policy and legislation is becoming more complex and onerous for business as it confronts a growing number of environmental challenges. At the same time regulations can provide a catalyst for innovation in reverse logistics, reuse and recycling.



Despite current day ERP systems and finance processes, companies are still paying more than they should, and the supplier invoice management process remains a management challenge. We also provide consulting services around product disposition , product lifecycle , asset and logistics management , compliance and best practice business improvement and outsourcing.


Infoactiv has its own unique cloud technology platforms that can support and complement your existing system and business processes, to drive improvements in your supply chain and in the market. This IT enablement underpins our supply chain and sustainability program and solutions for customers, to achieve the net return for the customer.

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